Holi Recipes
  Aloo Chat
  Aloo Chat
1/2 kg - Potatoes (Boiled)
250 gm - Curd
1 tbsp - Salt
1/2 tbsp - Red Chilli Powdered
1/4 tbsp - Black Salt (rock salt)
1 tbsp  - Cummin seeds roasted and powdered (Jeera)
1/2 tbsp - Black Pepper (finely grounded)
1/2 cup - Sauce (Tomato Ketchup)
2 tbsp - Tamarind Chutney
4 Green Chillies cut into small rounds to garnish.
Corriander leaves to garnish as required.
- Peel off potatoes and dice into small pieces (about eight to   twelve pieces from one).
- Extract curd through a muslin strainer tied on a vessel so that it   becomes creamy.
- Mix all spices ( salt, black salt, red chilli powder, jeera powder,   black pepper) in a cup.
- In a plate spread curd extract on potato pieces.
- Toss over with mixed spices evenly.
- Serve, with toothpicks, in individual bowls, garnished with   chutney, sauces, green chilli and corriander leaves.
- Makes upto 4 Serves