Holi Recipes
  Aloo Chat
1 kg urad dal.
2 pcs(small) hing (Asafoetida)
3 tsp salt
5 tsp rai (finely ground)
2 tsp red chillies (pounded)
6 jugs water
Vegetable Oil for deep frying
Whole red chillies for garnish
One earthen pot for storage.
- Soak urad dal overnight and grind to the consistency of a cake batter.
- Whisk the paste till it is fluffy. - Heat oil well in a deep frying pan.
- Slide some mixture flattened to the shape of round one-inch vadas, one     by one into the oil, and deep fry to a golden brown color.
- Take care not to make the vadas too thick.
- Take them out with a sieve type ladle and drain the oil completely.
- Keep a tawa on the fire and heat crystals of hing on it.
- As soon as it gives off the fragrance, turn an earthen pot on it.
- Take it off the fire and fill it with warm water.
- Mix rai, salt, red chilli powder and whole red chillies into the water.
- The fried vadas are now put into the matka.
- Clean the top of the matka and cover it with a clean muslin cloth tied      securely.
- Leave the matka in the sun during the daytime only for eight days.
- Taste some and if it tastes a little sour it is ready to serve. If not than try     keeping in sun for two days more. Makes about 1 Kg.